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Remember the old days of TV? The TV of your childhood that you look back on and base your TV life on now. The GOLDEN days, before everything turned MTV and Bratz.

Some of Australia's BEST SHOWS have been taken off air and are wanted, and quite literally NEEDED, back.

To have the young generation of today growing up in this promiscious and body-image obsessed society is simply unnacceptable. not to mention setting them up for an immoral future.

Blinkie Bill, Mr Squiggle, Budgie the Helicoptor, Oakie Doke, Noddy, Humphrey B Bear, Power Rangers, Rugrats, The MAGIC SCHOOL BUS.

These shows offered not ONLY countless hours of entertainment, but were educational, and taught children the values of morality.

Australia's children crave and REQUIRE these shows back, save our state and country from plunging further into promiscuity and body-related chaos.

We, the population of South Australia, call on the Television Companies in South Australia, to return our favourite children's shows to air.

We ask that the following shows return to our television screens: Blinky Bill, Mr Squiggles, Budgie the Helicopter, Oakie Doke, Noddy, Humphrey Bear, Winnie the Pooh Bear, Power Rangers, Rugrats and The Magic school Bus.

By signing this petition, we are saying Television may be more appropriate for younger viewers and people of all ages can enjoy the shows we have asked for the return of.

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