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Australian Government

With biotechnology unclear and complex, large multinational companies are able to claim Patents to the very essence of human life, the Human genome, and have their claims enforceable in the courts.

A good example of such abuse is a recent case where a "biotechnology company Genetic Technologies has announced it will enforce its patent rights over tests for two genetic mutations, BRCA1 and BRCA2, which increase breast cancer risk".


This means that one of the tests that allows our doctors to diagnose higher risk of breast and ovarian cancer in a section of the population would would be controlled only by the one company, in this case 'Genetic Technologies', potentially limiting access to the test.

An Australian University academic Dr Luigi Palombi claims that such tests are unpatentable.

Professor Ian Olver, chief executive of the Cancer Council Australia says that this "is an area where there is little clarity in Australian law".

The laws of a country are there to protect the people of the country. If the laws are clear enough on this topic they should be made clear.

No company should have the right to hold Patents such as the Patent that threatens the welfare of women in this above mentioned case. This patent, and patents like them are wrong, and should be Illegal under the law.

We, the undersigned, ask the Australian government that the laws regarding the patenting of genetic information be clarified/modified so that they better protect the people they would most affect.

Such medical tests, as in the case mentioned above, should be "not patentable", and existing Patents "should be revoked".

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