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Unless the fans speak out and react, Roger Goodell will continue to arbitrarily penalize the New England Patriots and its players, and subsequently Patriots fans, who are the best, most loyal fans in football. He's been doings this since he was hired!

I'm fed up. The standing penalty for altering football PSI (which there is no proof that ever happened) was a maximum $25k fine. That is of course until Goodell got hired by the NFL, The Patriots were accused, convicted and penalized by Goodell, without any real proof.

Goodell may have been given the supreme power to punish without proof (the CBA does not require the NFL to have proof the penalize or fine), but the fans have rights too. Goodell has tarnished the game, and hurt the Patriots fans in the process. And he did it on purpose. What else would you expect from a former Jets employee?

That's why I put together this petition. At the end of the day, it may mean little, but doing nothing about Goodell's abuse of power isn't what us Patriots fans are about. By signing this petition, you state that you will not attend, support or watch any NFL games on television for the first 4 weeks of the NFL regular season, in protest of Goodell's mission to belittle the New England Patriots, its players and fans.

By the way Roger, where is the PSI data from the 2015 season? I imagine that will come out after TB sits for 4 games?

We the undersigned call for the NFL to officially recognize that the Commissioner's excessive and unprecedented penalty against the New England Patriots and Tom Brady not only tarnish the game in bias, but also has a negative and lasting impact on the best fans the NFL has.

We also ask that the NFL not allow the Commissioner to retaliate when the New England Patriots with the Super Bowl this season. And they will. It takes more than an abuse of power to keep us down. Thank you.

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