Save the World

Global climate change, a threat to human survival, is primarily caused by automotive exhaust.

Wars are being fought with devastating effect over the control of petroleum resources mostly consumed by automobiles.

Cars kill hundreds of thousands through accidents and pollution of air, water, and soil. They are also primary components of noise and light pollution. Driving a car is particularly damaging to the health of the driver, but impacts everyone around negatively.

Cars are an unnecessary expense, costing the average driver over half of their income. More than half the cost of driving is subsidized through government maintenance of infrastructure and cleanup. Not only do cars drive you to work, they drive up taxes.

Recognizing that 99% of the people who have lived on this planet did so without an automobile, we the undersigned, commit to live without a car.

We will walk, bicycle, ride a horse, or use mass transit, occasionally hiring appropriate vehicles to move cargo.

We will be part of the solution to:

* Global Climate Change
* Oil Wars
* National Health Crisis
* Economic Collapse

I can LIVE without a car!

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