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This is a copy of the letter which will be sent along with this petition in our campain for better Television coverage of games:

I would just like to ask one question. Why isn't there any main stream video games programming.

Gaming now brings in more money than both Film and Music world wide yet no one has scene fit to publish a decent gaming program with industry insiders that actually no what there talking about. Some satellite channels have tried and failed on more than one occasion to bring forward such a program and yeah. A slightly witty script may please some casual gamers but it wont cut with actual games fans who want; Real games fans to honestly review good games across all formats games, talk about important gaming news and bring forwards Industry Officials to debate up and coming titles.

Now is the perfect time to start such a program. The "Console War" has just kicked up a gear with all major players (Microsoft, Sony + Nintendo) crashing down prices and releasing all there best soft ware for the Christmas rush.

Will it be popular? As I said, Gaming already brings in more money than films and Music. Nintendo favourite Super Mario is now officially more widely recognised than Mickey Mouse and Buggs Bunny. Games are now being taken seriously by institutions like the BAFTA's and there seems to be no stopping the industries rise. Why the sudden popularity burst?, Gaming has over the years transformed form a relatively small and not widely renowned industry to a Multi Billion Dollar main stream entertainment source for quite a few reasons. The main one being:

Technology advances, Since the big break into 3D around mid 1990's games have gone from strength to strength. Todays standards shown in most major releases are vastly approaching the levels of detail we can accomplish in films with some major movie studio's setting up there own gaming divisions. Most noticeable has been Lucas Arts. The legendary company set up by George Lucas creator of Star Wars and Indiee Anna Jones.

So whats up for the future? Well as with most things these days it a race for online glory. But a mere Internet site?, I think not instead how about a full online net work for playing games against people from every side of the globe. A chance for Tom nice boy And Harry to test there footy skills against there counter parts form Germany. Perhaps to go online with a friend and work together with a group of strangers from around the world in a team effort to save the world. This possibilities are endless and they are actually happening as we speak. Microsoft's Xbox live is just getting up and running, Sonys Internet systems are in operation and Nintendo's online networking is pencilled in for next year.

So as you can see it's an exciting time for the games industry and a main stream television slot would thump home the values of Gaming to every person across Britain. Many still don't really no the power of games and how they've evolved since there college days of playing Snes, Mega Drive and arcade system classics.

Were not asking for a multi million pound TV extravaganza, We just want a TV slot at a reasonable time detailing up and coming games, news and industry chat.

I Support Nintendo Advance's campain for better Television coverage on Video Games related issues.

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