Director General, National Library of Pakistan

Islamabad is a beautiful city, in fact it's ranked as the second most beautiful capital city on the planet.

We have lush, green parks, majestic mountains, a beautiful natural landscape, iconic buildings and infrastructure, and an amazing diversity of people in this city.

All that's missing is a network of libraries to make this city one of the best in the world. Join me in campaigning for this goal by signing this petition and lend a hand in educating, entertaining and enriching the young, promising population of Islamabad with the knowledge and literary resources it needs to keep striving forward.

We, the undersigned, call on the institution and specifically, the Director General of the National Library of Pakistan to build new libraries in the city of Islamabad, and to enlarge the existing libraries to contain books from all genres of writing. So that, we, the citizens of Islamabad, may use them to gain knowledge and enrich our minds with the ideas and thoughts of the whole of humanity.

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