#Gender Rights and Issues
Victoria’s Secret
United States of America

Whether you’re cis, transgender, or non-binary buying binders online is expensive and inconvenient. Having one of the largest worldwide lingerie stores selling binders would not only make it more convenient for buyers, it would allow people within the community to feel more accepted. Victoria’s Secret could partner with GC2B to create interestingly designed, comfortable binders for people of all sizes who wish to compress their chest. They could also go solo and design their own product, how they approach it does not matter; So long as binders start being sold at local stores. So many people don’t understand why others bind, having binders be a regular product sold in stores will help unify and educate today’s society.

We the undersigned, call on Victoria’s Secret to begin selling chest binders in local stores making the purchase of binders more convenient and accepted in today’s society.

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