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Zouk Singapore

What was Zouk like before all this chanting started? Zouk was like a second home to many EDM lovers. But what happened?

The chanting on the dancefloor is getting way out of hand to the extent where it's louder than the music playing.

Has anyone ever spared a thought for the deejays who are trying their best to bring to you the latest hits and yet all the crowd does is to start chanting at every single drop?

Does anyone know how frustrated and helpless they feel? Dont let the deejays lose hope in deejaying in Zouk. Beat the chanting crowd and bring back the way Zouk was before all this chanting started.

Chanting crowds dont go well with brilliant music and in fact it puts the brilliant music to waste. Whatever happened to non chanting crowds and brilliant music?

Has that all been lost in Zouk's final years?

We, the patrons of Zouk Singapore, shall uphold the preservation of the soul of dance music by not chanting in the club.

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