#Animal Welfare
Chandler, AZ Police Department
United States of America

Bandit’s inhumane death was brought to my attention by the following link:


This article outlines a situation that occurred on 8/11/07 when an officer of the Chandler, AZ police department left his K9 in his police cruiser for 13 hours, resulting in the poor dog’s horrible death.

Claims in this article state that the police officer was at the very most negligent, and only if found otherwise will he face punishment. So, this officer will at the very most get a slap on the wrist for his ‘lost’ state of mind.

I am starting Bandit’s Petition in hopes that something more will be done for that poor innocent soul that needlessly died that hot summer day.

I, like many others find that officer Lovejoy’s negligence is not only hypocritical, but punishable as well.

We, the under signed, call upon the Chandler Police Department of Arizona to prosecute Officer Lovejoy to the fullest extent.

We feel that his actions were negligent and reckless. Bandit’s passing was due to Lovejoy’s deliberate actions. Bandit was a living, breathing creature and deserves the same respect as human beings do.

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