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Background Information needed to understand the Secret Intentions:
It has always been a culture of corporations to PROFIT at the cost of general population, by lobbying the government to mandate their "businesses", such as government mandating the use of vaccines or insurance. These types of mandatory laws are usually made after there has been some type of calamity. Nobody knows if those calamities were artificially perpetrated by culprits operating in Business/Corporate domains.

Of course NO ONE would admit to it either when questioned about it!! Therefore asking questions about who made the VIRUS/calamity serves as ONLY a DEFLECTION from the REAL ISSUES! Usually the Media thinks that rest of the Population is Dumb and could be fed any narrative spewing out of the talking heads on the TV or by Social media "Influencers"- a New breed of talking heads.

Tech Company CEOs are really STUPID Monkeys looking AT THE MIRROR On the wall FOR FAR TOO LONG and it has clouded their Judgements! They think they are GODs!! The REAL TRAITORS of the world. They MUST be HIGHLY REGULATED specially when there is Capitalism around.
We all know that there is No True Free Market concept ANYWHERE!! Its all FAKE, its more like corporate welfare instead. For example: As long as Company A is making profit then it will support Capitalism BUT the Moment it starts losing money then It needs the BAILOUT!! What the heck is that?? Are we still SLEEPING over the facts and LYING to ourselves about the "Capitalism & Free market" BUG that has been implanted in the population??

As i see it, Technology is NOT a Necessity, its a Luxury instead. A Luxury which promotes SLAVERY as a Byproduct. Human species has survived with or without technology! The GREEDY ONES promoted Luxury, thereby SLAVERY to the common people! The GREEDY technocrats are pushing slavery onto general population in the name of "survival of the species", Can you believe that BS!?!?

We should understand the HIDDEN INTENTIONS of all the parties involved in a capitalist framework: Pharmaceutical/consumables companies + Technology (computer/Automation) companies + Governments

We could easily understand this by following the MONEY TRAIL and BENEFITS to each of these parties mentioned above and explained below:

1) CORPORATIONS = Profiteering by LOBBYING Govt to mandate their Businesses so that common people are FORCED to buy their products. This kind of Protectionism could only be seen in a "Capitalist market".

2) TECH COMPANIES = In recent times Tech companies have become the ENEMY NUMBER ONE, of the world population. It has always been the INTENT of Tech companies in Capitalist countries to ENSLAVE the population in one way or the other for making Profits.
Tech companies, over the years have INVESTED a LOT of money in developing IMPLANTABLE DIGITAL CERTIFICATES TECHNOLOGIES and many such other INVASIVE technologies, secretly for no apparent use at the time. They were preparing for the Future Domination of the world! The Secret Intention.

General population didn't know back then why these technologies were being developed BUT the events like COVID19 shines light over the SECRET & HIDDEN Intentions of the Enemy number one- the Tech Companies!
Tech companies are also known to promote POPULATION REDUCTION/control Ideas worldwide, which, actually shouldn't be their concern at all!!

3) GOVERNMENT: POWER always CORRUPTS! Therefore all types of Governments that have been installed via CHEATING and DECEPTIONS of the PEOPLE, would actually LOVE to get their hands on Technologies that could be used to CONTROL the population via reducing their freedom & Liberty rights.
A CORRUPT Government FEARS Public Liberty & Freedom!

A CORRUPT government with lots of weapons becomes a shinning example among the rest of the Corrupt governments around the world, and a BUSINESS relation gets established between them for trade of weapons.
They use situations like COVID19 to legislate or issue very RESTRICTIVE Executive Orders in the name of "Safety & Security". These Orders have always been BAD for the freedom & Liberty of the PEOPLE, the ONLY reason the people put A government in Place for! SO IRONIC INDEED!! The World is Operating in a TOTALLY REVERSE MANNER. We the PEOPLE have the responsibility to FIX IT!

1) To Bring A legislation, that is IRREVOCABLE under ANY / ALL Circumstances, to Mandate Corporations/Businesses to supply ALL VACCINES without any cost implications to the general population, whenever there is such a need.

2) To Bring A legislation, that is IRREVOCABLE under ANY / ALL Circumstances, to Mandate Technology & Social Media based companies, to STOP development of INVASIVE TECHNOLOGIES, COMPROMISING the FREEDOM & LIBERTY OF THE PUBLIC worldwide!!
Such Companies shall be IMMEDIATELY LIQUIDATED & Entire Management to be IMPRISONED for Life, if found developing INVASIVE TECHNOLOGIES, collecting User Data of any sort, used for any purpose, or sold to any entity worldwide.

3) To Bring A legislation, that is IRREVOCABLE under ANY / ALL Circumstances, to Mandate LIFE IMPRISONMENT for an Individual contributor such as An Engineer, IT Tech, Doctor/Medical, Tech Researcher, IF FOUND working for the companies(worldwide) involved in the development of a FINAL / END PRODUCT which is FOUND TO BE AN INVASIVE TECHNOLOGY in any sense possible!
ADDITIONALLY, These individual contributors shall be classified as TRAITORS. Because of their GREED, they have been using their intelligence AGAINST the interests of THEIR OWN FELLOW HUMAN BEINGS WORLDWIDE!! In essence they are selling their fellow humans OUT on the Market.
My fellow CITIZENS, Please add your name to this petition- a process of REAFFIRMATION and ASSERTION of our Power with the FULL FORCE of CONSCIENCE, thus changing the course of the Nation and the world for the Good of the Mankind!


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