#Human Rights

LTTE, a ruthless Terrorist network like Al Qaida (or Al Qaeda) have staged a war in Sri Lanka. LTTE has been fighting this war for the past 25 years. LTTE have staged more suicide bombing attacks than anyone else in the world. In fact, LTTE is known around the world for forcing children to fight in this War. LTTE followers are openly operating from countries like Canada, England, Germany, and France.

LTTE is already banned in USA and England. However they have managed actively to raise funds in the western countries. LTTE says that they are in the war due to discrimination faced by minority Tamils in Sri Lanka. However, LTTE have killed many Tamils who voiced against LTTE bogus propaganda. A large number of Tamils living in Southern Sri Lanka peacefully with other communities and there are few Tamil members in the Sri Lankan parliament.

LTTE has killed Indian Prime Minister already and have shown that they are capable of carrying out operations in foreign countries too.

Please sign this petition and help send a message to the world that they are another Terrorist organization like Al Qaida and a severe threat to the Whole World.

Read more about LTTE criminal activities in the world:

If you would like to stop the LTTE raising funds in the World to buy bullets and explosives to kill innocent civilians in Sri Lanka, Please Sign this Petition.

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