#Neighborhood Living
Mr Tony Blair
United Kingdom

Every year, fireworks go on sale mid October. IT is now law that fireworks are NOT to be let off after 11pm.

This is impossible to police, and this year I have endured fireworks in my street after midnight. Fireworks are now let off from mid October until mid November. On the 5th November, all animal owners take extreme precautions to protect their animals from the devastating effects fireworks can have. However, all undersigned animal owners and/or parents feel fireworks are a menace and a danger and should be experienced only at a PUBLIC ORGANISED DISPLAY.

There is no place for them in gardens and streets.

Please show your support, for the banning of fireworks from public sale. If we can get fireworks banned other than at ORGANISED DIPLAYS, we may help stop unnecessary suffering to animals currently having to endure the pain of fireworks being let off from mid October and until late into the night!

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