#Residential Disputes
miss M Clarke B A
United Kingdom

We are writing to inform you that we have a big problem with chaotic parking in our road, so we are writing with a signed petition from all residents who are all in agreement with this letter.

The problem parking is caused by parents collecting children from Langley Grammar. This disturbance is occuring five days of the week between 3.00pm & 3.30pm during term time only. We have cars parked bumper to bumper both sides of the road, all residents feel very strongly that this problem must change.

We understand these children need collecting from school! But so do our children! This disturbance prevents us leaving or entering our own road, let alone parking in our road, this kind of parking is very inconsiderate/ hazardous and obstructive, this kind of parking will day obstruct emergency services entering our road and we are not prepared to wait untill that situation occoured this cannot continue, this disturbance must stop.

This petition has been signed by residents all in agreement that inconsiderate parking by parents of Langley Grammar school pupils must stop.

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