#Animal Rights
bullfighting companies worldwide!

Up until recently, I have been like soo many other people in the world. I say I care about animals, and i even became vegitarian, but when i saw the torture these bulls and calfs go through, I realised that I was not doing enough to help.

What I'd been saying was only words, and I had taken no actions. after learning more about what was actually being done to these poor innocent creatures, I am taking a step and beginning to make a difference. To do this i need your help!

These bulls are chased in the middle of screaming people until they run out of breath, and fall, or get hurt and fall. Then the 'bullfighter' stabs spear into the animals body and even though the animal is helpless, and crying out in pain, they carry on, all in the name of SPORT?

Take a look on the internet at the cruelty of this game, and I am sure if you are a decent person, you will sign this and help me to help them! I beg you, something must be done. This is not natural, nor neccesary!

please leave you name, and a mesage clearly stating that you disagree with bullfighting, and strongly urge that this is stopped.

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