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Bear-baiting is a terrible practice in which bear cubs are often taken from the wild (I don't doubt that many of the bears used may have actually been taken away from their mothers when they are too young), only to be forced into cramped, barren cages. When they are old enough, the bears are set upon by trained dogs who are forced to attack them.

The bears are kept alive only to be used in second, third, fourth or even more fights. They are unable to defend themselves properly because they will have often had their claws and teeth removed after being bought, received or snatched by the bear-baiters and/or their helpers.

The dogs often fair little better. They are often wounded or even killed during these fights because, although the bears generally have their teeth and claws removed, they can still lash out at the dogs in self defence, often knocking them against the ground with violent force. It also would not surprise at all if many of the dogs are kept in similar bad conditions to those that the bears are kept in and/or abused outside of the fights.

We, the undersigned, ask that bear-baiting be banned and that the dogs and the bears all be freed.

We will boycott your countries industries until this actually happens.

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