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Fayette County PA Zoning Commission
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Lots of families count on eggs as a way to feed their children. The eggs offered in stores are not near as good for our health as the ones we could produce in our own back yard! Chickens are quiet, it is the rooster that makes all of the noise, and better yet you don't even need that noisy rooster to get yummy, healthy eggs! Also Chickens are easy to clean up after, fun and educational! Pittsburgh, Uniontown and other Cities have adapted their laws to allow it's citizens to take advantage of owning Chickens in their smaller back yards, while those of us outside of the city limits in small rural patches and towns are unable to own Chickens! Makes no sense, right? I am looking for people Fayette County that want to own Chickens but cannot due to zoning, or want to support those of us trying to do better for our family on a budget to sign this petition. It is a big step in making our backyard eggs a reality! Thank you for your time!

We, the people of Fayette County PA Residential Zones, call on the Fayette County Zoning Commission, Commissioners Office and any other Cabinets this may apply to, to allow the owning and housing of backyard Chickens. We are asking Chickens to be kept on Residential properties, in a well kempt enclosure.

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