#Children's Rights
United Kingdom

When the infant known in court only as Baby P was brought home from hospital days after his birth in March 2006, it was as a bubbly, blue-eyed boy with the first signs of curly blond hair. He was, according to those who came into contact with him, a lively child with a ready smile.

After 17 months enduring abuse of an almost unimaginable cruelty, the boy had been reduced to a nervous wreck, his hair shaved to the scalp and his body covered in bruises and scabs. Physical injuries included eight broken ribs, a broken back and the missing top of a finger, while the emotional damage was almost incalculable. Despite it all, Baby P was said to have still attempted a smile.

He was also paralyesd from the waist down and doctors have found one of his teeth in his stomach where he was punched so hard that he swollowed it.

If the abusers get life they will all be free to live their lives (probably with a new identity) after 20 years.

Because this matter is the subject of a court case I can't go into more details here.

We ask the Prime Minister to consider that Baby P's abusers should be sentenced to death.

We also ask that in the future, if there is enough evidence, to sentence other killers to death.

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