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A petition to try and stop the carbon tax and show the Governor General and the the current Government that the Australian people are not happy!

Dear Governor-General

Prior to the 2010 Federal election, Labor leader Julia Gillard gave the following undertaking to the Australian people as an election promise. She stated, "There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead." She became Prime Minister of a minority Labor government along with Wayne Swan, who also told the Australian electorate that there would be no carbon tax. Shortly after becoming Prime Minister, Julia Gillard announced that she would be introducing a carbon tax.

This means that Gillard attained power and the position of Prime Minister by blatantly lying to the Australian electorate, because it is obvious that if she had stated prior to the election that she would introduce a carbon tax, she would have never been elected.. Julia Gillard gained a financial advantage by deception, that is, the position of Prime Minister of Australia by deliberately lying to the electorate.

Gaining a financial advantage by deception is a crime and a fraudulent act, therefore the least that should happen is that Julia Gillard should be dismissed from parliament. However, because the entire Labor government was elected on the basis of that lie, the parliament should be dissolved. So there is more than just cause for you as Governor-General to dissolve parliament and call for a fresh election and as a citizen and a voter, I ask that you do this forthwith.

Yours sincerely,

(The Undersigned)

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