#Media Issues

Recent coments by Sheikh Taj El Din Al Hilaly (often referred to in the Australian media as Mufti of Australia) have again caused a media and public furore. Sheikh Al Hilaly has openly demonstrated on Egyptian television his incapacity to lead Australian Muslims and that he is completely unsuitable to preach.

Most Australian Muslims do not recognise Sheikh Al Hilaly as their leader.

We, the undersigned Australian Muslims, reject comments made by Sheikh Taj El Din Hilaly.

We consider that these comments are offensive to all Australians and are not representative of the views of Australian Muslims.

We call upon the Australian media to desist in referring to Sheikh Al Hilaly as the leader of Australian Muslims. We call upon the Australian National Imams Council to remove Sheikh Al Hilaly from office and to relinquish him of the title of Mufti of Australia.

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