#Animal Welfare
Kevin Rudd

Animal laws in Australia relating to abuse against animals and proper care, treatment and control are quite relaxed in most states. We have rangers and bylaws for each state and local shire, but we need control officers that can prosecute and build cases against abuse and neglect.

We need Officers with police powers and a governing body to issue the warrants, citations etc. Not enough is done to deter people in Australia. We also need higher fines and sentences for irresponsible pet owners (or any animal) regarding control of animals. ie: when dogs roam free and are aggressive.

We need to initiate an animal officer training practice with strict guidelines, we need to employ at least 5 animal officers within city confines initially and those officers can work from the RSPCA office within the city jurisdiction.

We need to write a bill legislating firmer fines and sentences for animal abuse or attack offences. We need to make everything to a National standard, not state by state or shire by shire.

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