AUBG Alumni

• AUBG alumni are deeply concerned with what is happening at AUBG during the last years and share the opinion that the current situation is unacceptable.
• The time for evolutionary change has long passed. AUBG’s success requires a change of leadership, a change of structure, a change of the academic program and a change of mindset. The only way to achieve this is through a major change in the AUBG Board of Trustees.
• We demand and expect concrete actions by the Board of Trustees, as listed below.

Dear Board of Trustees Members,

This letter is a message from the largest past, current, and future stakeholder of the American University in Bulgaria (AUBG) – the AUBG alumni. As such, we care deeply about AUBG and are ready to commit time and resources to ensure the future of this unique institution.

We are extremely concerned by the recent crisis, which is most damaging to AUBG’s image and institutional integrity. The manifestations of this crisis are: a toxic environment on campus; constantly changing Presidents; dropping enrolment; increasing rates of dissatisfaction among students, faculty, and staff; absence of transparent communication; lack of necessary reform.

The restructuring of AUBG is necessary, inevitable, and very long overdue as confirmed by the ABF-sponsored Sustainability Study.

In our view, the major reason for the existing crisis at AUBG is the current Board of Trustees. Based on this and on the outlined challenges in the Appendix to this letter, we give the current AUBG Board of Trustees a vote of no confidence, as it is the body which has failed to navigate the university through the last several challenging years. To eliminate the risk of repeating the same mistakes and perpetuating the catastrophic status quo:

- We give our vote of no confidence to the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Board of Trustees for their failure to provide strategic leadership;

- We give our vote of no confidence to the Chair of Trustees Committee for sabotaging the process of selecting new Trustees;

- We give our vote of no confidence to the VP of Finance & Administration who is the epitome of resistance against reforms, has become a liability rather than an asset, has displayed unacceptable behaviour, and has lost credibility;

- We demand the immediate start of the Search for a new President who will execute the necessary changes.

We expect from the Board of Trustees to assume full responsibility for the ongoing crisis and demand the following actions:

A. Immediate resignation of the Chair, the Vice Chair, and the Chair of Trustees Committee from the Board. Immediate resignation of the VP of Finance & Administration from AUBG, and selection of replacements for these positions at the May 2017 Board Meeting.

B. Restructuring of the Board of Trustees and introduction of new By-laws for selecting Trustees to ensure:
• increased transparency of proceedings;
• individual accountability and periodic evaluation in order to ensure committed and active Board members;
• retiring of non-contributing and non-active members;
• provision of clear selection criteria including expectations for commitment and donations;
• increased presence of worthy and contributing alumni on the Board.

C. The Board of Trustees should persist with the restructuring efforts at AUBG to provide:
• Follow through on the Sustainability Study and recommendations;
• Clear alignment of the key strategic priorities of AUBG ( Enrollment / Fundraising / Academic Excellence / Financial Stability / Marketing and PR) and provision of specific SMART goals to the leadership team that is going to execute them;
• Empowerment of the new leadership team to execute the restructuring in a timely manner.

D. A meeting with the alumni representatives to be included in the May 2017 agenda of the Board of Trustees. We expect to start a dialogue with the new Board of Trustees leadership on the issues outlined in this letter and Appendix hereto.

We believe that the above actions constitute the first steps in the process of AUBG stabilization. As alumni, we are ready to commit time and effort to monitor and support the implementation of these steps through monthly meetings and discussions with the Board Members.

In case of lack of adequate response by the Board of Trustees and of effective resignations as demanded above by April 14, 2017, AUBG alumni are determined to initiate the following actions:

- Withdraw alumni support from AUBG;
- Inform and engage all University Council members;
- Inform and engage America for Bulgaria Foundation, Open Society Foundation, the US Embassy and major donors;
- Engage in other actions that would move AUBG and our demands forward.

We are confident that the Board of Trustees of AUBG will find the strength and will to perform the necessary actions, because no university board has ever been able to function without the support of its key constituencies.

Please find as an Appendix the following:
1. Key AUBG challenges as viewed by the alumni;
2. Detailed expected actions to solve the posed challenges;

Looking forward to meeting the Board members at the May 2017 Board of Trustees meeting.

Initial signatories:

1. Adelina Gotseva, Class of ‘12
2. Adriana Andreeva, Class of ‘02
3. Adriana King, Class of ‘97
4. Agnieszka Wegner, Class of ‘96
5. Aleksandar Aleksandrov, Class of ‘14
6. Aleksandar Nestorov, Class of ‘12
7. Aleksandar Rakshiev, Class of ‘11
8. Aleksandar Stanojevic, Class of ‘00
9. Aleksandra Todorova, Class of ‘00
10. Alexandra Nurgaliyeva , Class of ‘14
11. Alexandru Manus, Class of ‘02, Student Representative to the Board of Trustees (2001-2002)
12. Alexandru Panici, Class of ‘11, SG President (2009-2010)
13. Ana Milicevic, Class of ‘01, Co-Chair of NY City area AUBG Alumni Group
14. Ana Ukleba, Class of ‘16
15. Anelia Kasterlieva, Class of ‘00
16. Anna Thompson, Class of ‘02
17. Andrea Somai, Class of '03, SG Senator (2000-2001)
18. Andrey Kuljiev, Class of ‘95
19. Angel Ivanov, Class of ‘12
20. Angel Markov, Class of ‘95
21. Angel Mitev, Class of ‘97
22. Angel Nikolov, Class of ‘98
23. Anguel Anguelov, Class of ‘2000, SG Vice President (1999-2000); AAA director-at-large (2001-2004); AAA president and AUBG BоT member (2004-2007); AUBG UC member (2007-present)
24. Anton Borisov, Class of’10
25. Anton Tonev, Class of ‘11
26. Antoni Ivanov, Class of ‘01, SG President (1997-1998)
27. Antoniy Bonkov, Class of ‘10
28. Antonia Indjova Gladwell, Class of ‘97
29. Apostol Nikolaev Apostolov, Class of ‘12
30. Artan Ajazaj, Class of ‘04, SG Senator (2001-2004), AAA Director at large (2005-2008)
31. Ashod Derandonyan, Class of 2000
32. Asya Tsankova (Lukic), Class of 2007
33. Atanas Atanasov, Class of ‘09
34. Avgustina Pasheeva, Class of ‘10
35. Aydan Yumerefendi, Class of ‘02, SG Vice-President (2001-2002)
36. Biliana Marinova, Class of ‘00
37. Biliana Mateva, Class of ‘01
38. Bilyana Vacheva, Class of ‘12
39. Bistra Andreeva, Class of ‘01
40. Blagoy Dermendzhiev, Class of ‘15
41. Boian Kalchev, Class of ‘95
42. Boriana Alexiev, Class of ‘97
43. Boriana Zaneva, Class of ‘98
44. Boris Strashilov, Class of ‘97
45. Borislav Petrunov, Class of ‘10
46. Borislav Stefanov, Class of ‘01
47. Borislava Stefanova, Class of ‘14
48. Boriana Tara-Alexiev, Class of ‘97
49. Boriana Zaneva, Class of ‘00
50. Christian Hammerdorfer, Class of ‘14
51. Cristian Paul Patapie, Class of ‘03, SG (1999-2002)
52. Daniel Tomov, Class of ‘97, AAA President and BоT Member (2001-2004)
53. Daniella Houbeva, Class of '95
54. Daniela Peytcheva, Class of ‘96
55. Davit Rukhadze, Class of ‘12
56. Delcho Stanimirov, Class of ‘03
57. Denislav Todorov, Class of ‘95
58. Denni Angelkov, Class of ‘00
59. Desislava Nury, Class of ‘00
60. Dessislava Doytcheva, Class of ‘16
61. Dessislava Miteva, Class of ‘97
62. Dessislava Nikolova, Class of ‘96
63. Dessislava Petrova, EMBA Cohort 2009
64. Dessislava Stefanova, Class of ‘96
65. Deyan Vassilev, Class of ‘95, SG President (1991-1994), AAA President (1998-2001) & BOT member (1999-2002)
66. Diana Iossifova, Class of ‘95
67. Diana Stoyanova, class of ‘10
68. Dimira Teneva, class of ‘13
69. Dimitar Chernev, Class of ‘08
70. Dimitar Gurdjilov, Class of ‘95
71. Dimitar Nachkov, Class of ’95, EMBA Class of ‘04
72. Dimitar Radoukov, Class of ‘03
73. Dimitrina Toncheva, Class of ‘03
74. Diyan Mitev, Class of ‘09, AAA Board Member, 2011-2014
75. Dobrin Staikov, Class of ‘96
76. Dora Tzochevska, Class of ‘95
77. Dragomir Rashev, Class of ‘01, SG President (2000-2001), AAA Vice President (2004-2007)
78. Eftim Eftimov, Class of ‘08, EMBA Class of ‘18, Treasurer AAA (2013-2016)
79. Ekaterina Georgieva, Class of ‘15
80. Ekaterina Larsson, Class of ‘99
81. Elena Bardarova, Class of ‘95
82. Elena Dofrman, Class of ’09
83. Elena Hristova, Class of ‘00
84. Elena Ivanova, Class of ‘02
85. Elena Tomova, Class of ‘95
86. Elena Vladimirova, Class of ‘06
87. Eleonora Georgieva, Class of ‘13
88. Elitsa Dermendzhiyska, Class of ‘12
89. Elitza Nacheva, Class of ‘12, SG President (2011-2012)
90. Emil Kunev, Class of ‘01, AAA Treasurer (2004-2007)
91. Emil Tsenov, Class of ‘95
92. Emilian Belev, class of '97
93. Eugenia Ivanova, Class of ‘95
94. Evgeni Pavlov, Class of ‘96
95. Ganka Hadjipetrova, Class of ‘96
96. Gavril Tonev, Class of ‘16
97. George Gueorguiev, Class of ‘00
98. George Malchev, EMBA Class ‘04, Vice President AAA (2016-)
99. George Mihaylov, class of '02
100. Georgi Georgiev, Class of ‘10
101. Georgi Kutiev, Class of ‘95
102. Georgi Lilianov, Class of ‘00
103. Gergana Alipieva, Class of ‘14
104. Gergana Krusteva-Georgieva, Class of ’00
105. Gergana Nenov, Class of ‘01
106. Gevorg Khachatryan, Class of ‘08
107. Giang Nguyen, Class of ‘14
108. Grigor Monovski, Class of ‘96
109. Grigoriy Ananiev, Class of ‘00
110. Gueorgui Gueorgiev, Class of ‘97
111. Gueorgui Nikolov, Class of ‘95
112. Hristo Georgiev, Class of ‘16
113. Hristo Hristov, Class of ‘02
114. Hristo Borisov, Class of ‘10
115. Hristo Mirkov, Class of ‘96
116. Hristo Chernev, Class of ‘99
117. Irina Burunsus, Class of ‘04
118. Irina Radoslavova, Class of ‘00
119. Iskra Velichkova, Class of ‘01
120. Ivailo Iliev, Class of '97
121. Ivailo Yanev, Class of ‘14
122. Ivalina Kantcheva, Class of ‘14
123. Ivan Angelov, Class of ‘11, Student Representative to the BoT (2010-2011)
124. Ivan Dimitrov, Class of ‘13
125. Ivan Evstatiev, Class of ‘08, Vice-Chair and Senator of SG (2005-2007), Director at large AAA (2011-2012)
126. Ivan Gramatikov, Class of ‘07, President AAA (2013-2016), BоT member (2013-2016)
127. Ivan Guberkov, Class of ‘13
128. Ivan Skabrin, Class of ’95, Stud Rep Main Conference ‘93
129. Ivan Sidzhakov, Class of ’95
130. Ivan Stanchev, Class of ‘96
131. Ivanina Cherkezova, Class of ‘14
132. Ivailo Petrov, Class of ‘14
133. Ivajlo Shipochky, Class of ‘13
134. Ivaylo Aksharov, Class of ‘95
135. Ivaylo Vatev, Class of ‘95
136. Ivelina Georgieva, Class of ‘02
137. Iordan Genov, Class of ‘10
138. Iskra Dobreva, Class of ‘98
139. Ivo Zlatinov, Class of ‘97
140. Jaba Shalamberidze, Class of ‘12, SG President (2011-2012)
141. Jana Wilhelmus, Class of ‘06
142. Jivko Ivanov, Class of ‘10
143. Jordan Karabinov, Class of ‘97
144. Joseph Pilov, Class of ‘96, Student Representative to BoT (1994-95)
145. Julian Milev, Class of ‘99
146. Kalina Gorinova, Class ‘10, Director at large AAA (2013-2016)
147. Kalina Petrova, Class of ‘02
148. Kalina Slavova, Class of ‘01
149. Kamelia Dimitrova, Class of ‘01
150. Kevork Marashlyan, Class of ’00
151. Kiril Alexiev, Class of ‘98
152. Konstantina Markova, Class of ‘98
153. Krasimir Stoichev, Class of ‘98
154. Krum Hadjigeorgiev, Class of ‘00
155. Lachezar Stoynov Class of '11
156. Lalka Gospodinova, Class of ‘95
157. Lili Kostova Hollandt, Class of ‘01
158. Liliya Blagoeva Manahilova, Class of ‘11, Director at large AAA (2012-2013)
159. Lilyana Gandeva, Class of ‘08
160. Ludmil Garkov, Class of ‘95
161. Lyudmil Atanasov, Class of ‘07
162. Magdalena Lyubenova, Class of ‘12
163. Mana Ionescu, Class of ‘00
164. Margarita Aleksieva, Class of ‘05
165. Magardich Baklayan, Class of ‘08
166. Margita Madjarova, Class of ‘08
167. Mariya Tsvyatkova-Petkova, Class of ’09
168. Marin Konjari, Class of ‘12
169. Mariya Popova, Class of ‘14
170. Marta Warren (Andreeva), Class of ‘95
171. Martin Atanassov, Class of ‘00
172. Marin Cebotari, Class of ‘01, SG President (2000-2001), AAA Director-at-Large (2007-2008)
173. Martin Manolov, Class of '08, Director at large AAA (2013-2015)
174. Martin Kardjiev, Class of ‘01, Director at large AAA (2004-2007)
175. Martin Ouzonov, Class ‘97, EMBA Cohort 2003
176. Marina Ceprazova, Class of ‘10, Student Government Vice-President (2009 - 2010), Commencement Senior Speaker Class of '10
177. Miglena Spasova, Class of ‘01
178. Mihail Mihaylov, Class of ‘97
179. Milena Grayde, Class of ‘95
180. Milena Stefanova, Class of ‘05
181. Miroslav Velev, Class of ‘96
182. Miglena Daradanova, Class of ‘96
183. Mihaela Petrova, Class of ‘14
184. Mihaela Zlatinov, Class of ‘97
185. Miroslav Stefanov, Class of ‘00, SG President (1998-1999)
186. Monika Evstatieva, Class of ‘05, SG (2001-2003)
187. Nadia Madewell, Class of ‘95
188. Nadya Stancheva, Class of ‘02
189. Neven Nikov, Class of ‘00
190. Nevena Milosheva, Class of ‘09
191. Nikola Genev, Class of ‘09
192. Nikola Konstantinov, Class of ‘12
193. Nikola Stoykov, Class ‘14
194. Nikola Tzaprev, Class of ‘95
195. Nikolai Dimitrov, Class of ‘99, Co-Chair of NY City area AUBG Alumni Group
196. Nikolay Arnaudov, Class of ‘00, AAA Director at large (2004-2007)
197. Nikolay Georgiev, Class of ‘03
198. Nikolay Kosturov, Class of 97
199. Nikolay Marinov, Class of 96, SG President 1995-1996
200. Nikolay Nikolov, Class of ‘97, BOT member (2006-2012)
201. Nikolay Rumenin, Class of ‘07, President AAA ‘10-13, BоT member (2010-2013)
202. Nikolay Sinkov, Class of ‘14
203. Nikolay Stefanov, Class of ‘04
204. Nikoloz Gigauri, Class of ‘12
205. Nora Filekova, Class of ‘05
206. Nora Georgieva, Class of ‘95
207. Octavian Dinca, Class of ‘11
208. Paolina Todorova, Class of ‘11
209. Pavel Petrov, Class of ‘01, SG Senator (1997-2000); SG Vice-President (2000-2001)
210. Pavlin Hristov, Class of ‘13
211. Petar Svarc, Class of 2002, SG President 2001-2002, AAA Director-at-Large 2004-2007, AAA President & Ex-Officio BoT Member 2007-2010, UC Member 2011-present
212. Peter Solakov, Class of ‘00
213. Petya Eckler, Class of ‘01
214. Petya Kamenova, Class of ‘03
215. Petya Pencheva, Class of ‘10
216. Presiyan Rashkov, Class of '08
217. Radena Georgieva, Class of ‘95
218. Radoslav Takev, Class of ‘13
219. Rafayel Khachatryan, Class of ‘11
220. Rene Tomova, Class of ‘00
221. Rifat Likov, Class of ‘03
222. Rossen Blagoev, Class of ‘97
223. Rossen Ivanov, Class of ‘00
224. Rossitza Stoykova, Class of ‘00
225. Rostislava Ivanova class of ‘06, Vice-President AAA (2014-2015)
226. Ruslan Shopov, Class of ‘08
227. Ruslana Mazneva-Karleva, Class of ‘09
228. Sava Djendov, Class of ‘08
229. Sevdalina Yoncheva, Class of ‘05, Treasurer AAA (2016-present)
230. Simeon Simeonov, Class of ‘12
231. Simo Atanasov, Class of 2001
232. Simona Parvanova, Class of 2000
233. Shpend Ahmeti, Class of ‘00, SG President (1999-2000)
234. Stanimir Stanchev, Class of '08
235. Stanimira Todorova, Class of ‘00
236. Stanislav Ivanov, Class of ‘09
237. Stanislav Kayrakov, Class of ‘15
238. Stanislav Marinov, Class of ‘09
239. Stanislav Randjev, Class of ‘04
240. Stefan Ivanov, Class of ‘95
241. Stefan Ralchev, Class of ‘01
242. Stoil Stoilov, Class of ‘15
243. Stoyan Iliev, Class of ‘15
244. Stoyan Mitov, Class of ‘10
245. Stoyan Tchaprazov, Class of ‘99
246. Svetlana Ouzonova, Class of ‘97
247. Svetlin Kozhuharov, Class of ‘13
248. Svetlin Krastev, Transfer student
249. Svetozar Georgiev, Class of ’00
250. Tancho Fingarov, Class of ‘00
251. Tania Ranguelova, Class of ‘96
252. Tanya Belcheva, Class of '01
253. Tanya Kosseva-Boshova, Class of ‘96
254. Teddy Amova, Class of ‘11, Student Government Treasurer (2010 - 2011), Commencement Senior Speaker Class of '11
255. Tenyo Dimov Arabadzhiev, Class of '07
256. Temenuzhka Panayotova, Class of ‘14
257. Teodora Toneva, Class of ‘14
258. Teodor Savov, Class of ‘16
259. Tony Panayotov, Class of ’08
260. Tsvetelina Valchinova, Class of ‘14
261. Tihomir Petkov, Class of ‘09
262. Tim Koroteev, Class of ‘13, SG President (2012-2013)
263. Timur Huseynov, Class of 2016, SG President 2013-2014
264. Todor Karaivanov, Class of ‘01
265. Todor Todorov, Class of '95
266. Todor Tsoikov, Class of '95
267. Tony Roussev, Class of ‘96
268. Tony Tonev, Class of ‘05, SG Vice president 1997-1998
269. Tornike Mchedlishvili, Class ‘15
270. Valia Guerdjikova, Class of ‘02
271. Vania Pashova, Class of ‘02
272. Valeri Ivanov, Class of '09
273. Valya Nadova, Class of ‘13
274. Varbin Staykoff, Class of ‘96, Co-Chair of NY City area AUBG Alumni Group
275. Vasil Genchev, Class of ‘14
276. Vasil Nikolov, Class of 2014
277. Vasil Petrakov, Class of ‘08
278. Vasile Valcov, Class of ‘09, SG President (2008-2009)
279. Velichka Hristova, Class of ‘98
280. Venelina Mazneva, Class of ‘11
281. Vera Angelova, Class of ‘07
282. Vera Nakova-Ortiz, Class of ‘96
283. Vera Svarc, Class of ‘05
284. Vessela Margaritova, Class of ‘95
285. Victor Genev, Class of ’07
286. Vladimir Borachev, Class of ’95, BоT member (2008-2011), AUBG UC member
287. Vladimir Gerasimov, Class of ‘12
288. Vladimir Rusev, Class of ‘97, AAA President (2016-), BOT member (2016-)
289. Yassen Kolarov, Class of ‘02
290. Yavor Kasterliev, Class of ‘00
291. Yoana Glavcheva, Class of ‘15
292. Yordan Nikolov, Class of ‘13
293. Yordan Zhechev, Class of ’00
294. Zhivko Dimitrov, Class of ‘03



a. Weak BoT strategic leadership
- 4 Presidents in the last 5 years (several removed with a scandal and lack of transparency), which suggests:
• Lack of skills and commitment of the hired people by the BOT
• Lack of clear goals / mandate from the BoT
• Lack of support from the BOT to execute reform
- Last two presidents started with strong support from the BoT which was withdrawn just months later
- Lack of strategic direction
• For multiple years Enrolment / Fundraising / Academic excellence were named as key strategic priorities without adequate investment and support for the necessary changes
• No focus, direction and adequate support for the execution of the long-needed changes
- Lack of clearly defined roles and responsibilities for the BoT and President
• Absence of BoT “job description” and expectations for giving (donations, time, and effort)
• Lack of a defined process for proposing, evaluating and electing new BOARD members
• Inadequate representation of the alumni body at the BoT (only 3 alumni, one being the AAA President, ex-officio member)
• Micromanagement of the President
• Lack of SMART and challenging goals for the President
• Inability of President to make changes in the leadership team without BoT approval for two positions (Provost and VP Finance & Administration)
• Lack of a BoT controlling body
- Lack of consistent BoT standards
• On different occasions the BoT has ignored important questions from the Alumni (latest examples: no answer to a petition signed by over 150 alumni; No answer to questions put forward by University Council alumni members), Faculty (examples: ignoring a Faculty vote of no confidence for the VP of Finance; Not acting for years to solve the salary inequality based on nationality), and other constituencies.
• Lack of an adequate reaction to BoT members who don’t contribute (money, time and/or effort)
• Lack of adequate proactive approach to potential corruption practices with vendors / contracts
• Lack of an adequate reaction to the new BoT members proposal and voting incident involving the Head of BoT Committee, at the October 2016 BoT meeting (two alumni proposed for BoT members were rejected/ignored on the grounds that the BoT is too bloated, only for another candidate to be approved shortly afterwards)
• Lack of an adequate reaction to the “Warsaw incident” with BoT member Elena Poptodorova

b. Inadequate academic, administrative, HR practices / lack of structural reforms
- An academic program that has not seen a major change in over 10 years
- Overstaffed administrative structure with non-competitive staff-to-students ratio (300 staff to 900 students, dubbed 2 to 3 times the market standard, particularly in Finance, IT and Facilities,) and highly overstaffed Finance & Administration department.
- Outsourced internal auditors, unchanged for a very long time, contrary to best practices for similar-size organizations
- Lack of Performance management and assessment system (with clear goals based on KPIs, behavior and development) for senior administrative positions (President, VP Finance & Administration, Provost, Dean of Faculty, Dean of Students, EMBA Director) and managers below them
- Lack of 360 feedback system to measure the performance of all managers
- Lack of employee engagement survey
- Vocal and organized internal opposition to reforms (example: anonymous forum with leakage of confidential information, incl. salaries)
- Abolishment of the restructuring plan - an external study was commissioned and an action plan based on its findings was approved at the October 2016 meeting of the BoT, however the plan was later abolished with no clear explanation of what justified its abolishment and who took the decision to abolish it.
- Appointing as Acting President an administrator who has been part of the “no change needed” AUBG system for many years

c. Hiding of information
- Decisions taken without transparency and in secrecy (dismissal of Presidents / BoT minutes not fully reflecting the discussions). Decisions taken off Board Meetings, over the phone/email or in closed sessions of the Executive Committee.
- No communication on the key findings from the Sustainability Study and the next steps
- No communication on the key recommendations from the Accreditation committee report and next steps
- No communication of the agreed in October 2016 restructuring

a. Comprehensive President’s selection process
- Create a hiring process, including selection criteria / selection committee / selection process / probation period / contract frame / induction program
- Immediately start a new President selection process with involvement of all AUBG constituencies
b. Strategic direction
- Name the key strategic priorities of AUBG (Enrollment / Fundraising / Academic excellence / Financial stability) and give SMART goals to the President to work towards and cascade down in the organization
- Empower the President to execute the changes based on the Sustainability Study
c. Roles and responsibilities for BoT and President
- Create and implement a clear BoT “job description” for selection and re-election of Trustees including requirements for giving (donations, time, and effort) to be signed by all BoT members
- Increase the alumni representation to the BoT from 3 to at least 6 alumni over the next couple of Board Meetings in 2017
- Create clear Strategic Guidelines of the BoT and make the President responsible and accountable for their execution
- Amendment of AUBG Bylaws to allow the President to make changes in the leadership team based on a performance management process

d. Consistent BoT standards
- Create an adequate HR ‘’whistle blower” system for community signals for bad behavior / unethical behavior / bad practices
- Create a staff & administration performance management system, including goal setting / feedback / appraisal / bonus structure

e. Academic, administrative, HR, and structural reforms
- Create a remodelled academic program based on a market/needs analysis
- Implement restructuring of the administration to match the industry averages of staff to student ratios, following the Sustainability Study
- Carry out a competitive selection and hire new internal auditors, who are on a university payroll and not outsourced
- Undergo an independent 10 years’ audit of all contracts over $50,000 which AUBG has signed and benchmark against market practices.
- Create a Performance management and assessment system (with clear goals based on KPIs, behaviour, and development) for senior administrative positions (President, VP Finance & Administration, Provost, Dean of Faculty, Dean of Students, EMBA Director) and managers below them
- Implement an annual 360 feedback tool for all managers and an employee engagement survey (in June at end of the financial year)
- Accept only feedback from the official channels (360 feedback survey / engagement survey / “whistle-blower” process) and not from anonymous forums and rumours

f. Transparency of Decision-making
- Bring down to a minimum closed sessions and “secret” meetings of the BoT
- For all BoT decisions there must be clear minutes of what was discussed / who voted
- Communication of the key findings from the Sustainability Study and next steps
- Communication of the key recommendations from the Accreditation committee report and next steps
- Participation of alumni pro-bono in AUBG committees

g. Separation of duties of Finance and Operations (including hiring of COO and separation between purchasing and payment activities in line with best market practices).

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