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The current state of the broadcasting industry is not immediately held liable for content and other intellectual property issues known to cause severe brain damage and mental illness. This petition would establish a plausible option for residential parties and consumers to generate inquire concerning content, thematic inference and other causes of particular conditions such as parkinson's disease, alzhimer's disease and even some forms of schizophrenia.

Regulatory issues would include:
1) Launching a full scale internet service operation for all national regions
2) Introduce the Medicaid/Medicare coverage plan which would allow a co-pay option for partial internet access (SSI-SSA);
3) Create a national broadcast community in which forums and other programming are recognized by the US Congress under meritious and technical basis. (FCC-ABC)

We herein petition before the United States Congress to support the ruling on Federal Communications Commission intervention in order to improve Commercial Broadcasting Standards to accomodate internet usage, Social Security accountability and public participation provisions.

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The AT&T & ABC Consumer Addressibility Improvement petition to The United States Congress was written by Stacy Staples and is in the category Internet at GoPetition.