#Human Rights
Kenyan adults

Lets petition our Kenyan Parliament.
We need a nonpartisan, standing medical commission to monitor the health of members of the executive periodically. This should be done annually. Just as they should undergo annual physical check up, they should also undergo annual checkup for their mental health. We should be sure as possible that only people without dangerous psychiatric instability are selected for the executive roles. We should never embarrass ourselves again to the world, we should never again allow mentally handicapped people to run our economy down.
This should apply to these and not limited to:
Deputy president
Cabinet Secretaries
Chief Justice
Head of commissions

We, the undersigned request the Parliament of Kenya to pass a motion/bill on Physical and Mental health of the PRESIDENT and members of the government executive. God Bless Kenya.

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The Assessing Kenya's President Mental Health petition to Kenyan adults was written by Marshal Tanimwet Ndiwa and is in the category Human Rights at GoPetition.