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It is unfair to euthanize EVERY single pit bull type dog for scarring and/or being captured in a drug raid or pulled from the fighting ring.

Without even seeing whether or not the dog is capable of being rehabillitated, they put it down. Puppies (like the 12 week old ones rescued by the ASPCA, NYPD Vice Enforcement Division and Bronx District Attorney’s office, who have scarring from being 'fought') are still young enough to be rehabillitated to the point of being a house pet. I take it into my own hands, I own two american pit bull terriers. One is a blue named Duke, who is 8 months old and bought from a reputable breeder.

The other one, a piebald with pitbull named Rosco, was taken from a dog fighter. He had escaped a fighting ring and went on the streets. We took him in in our own hands. He now is so freindly with other animals. He loves to play play play play, but very gentally. I think that not all dogs can be rehabillitated, but a majority can. I understand the money issue, and time issue, but they would find a way to rehabillitate a Golden Retriever thtat is aggressive, a Labrador, a Great Dane, a Beagle; i can keep going all day. I have seen them say "we will find away to rehabillitate this dog and find it a home" when the dog is far more aggressive then some pit bulls rescued off of the streets, fighting rings etc. The whole fact about "worrying if the dog will get the right home" lingers i nthe air also.

Since pit bull type dogs are so eager to please, strong, agile, athletic and smart, many thugs like them for fighting. These dogs have stamina, Rosco (the one we rescued) can go for hours, running, jumping, swimming, everything, including chasing a ball! Duke (my blue who is more bull dog type, thick and at 8 months is 70 pounds, and Rosco is 72 pounds and he is 4 years!) is so lazy, and flops down panting within 10 minutes of play; depsite how hot it is that day. I think that it is the SPCA's or person who is placing that dog into the correct home, to do home checks, and check ups on that dog. Every month or so, do check ups at the house. If you think theyre sketchy, or live in the "rough" part of town where the dog could be used negativley (i.e. intimidation, gaurding, attack dog, fighting dog etc.) pass over the people! You cannot just go giving this dog breed to anyone, but that doesnt mean "put them all to sleep because people are idiots and irresponsible"!

Now, what does banning breeds solve? Irresponsible ownershipe? No. dog fatalities? Maybe by 1%. Over population in pounds? No, irresponsible people, i.e. thugs etc., will do anything to get a dog breed they want, even if it is breaking the law. I think their should be no laws on dog breeds, but laws regulating who can own certain breeds, and who can own an animal. Maybe their should be a test you ...have to take for 1 year. 1 year you have to do things in the community proving that you are responsible, and not an abuser. You get pulled over? No dog. You get arrested? Certainly no dog. If anything bad were to happen to you in that 1 year period, than no dog until you can prove that you are responsible enough too own one.

If they want a head strong dog, than they should not only practice and show responsibility, but they should make out a game plan saying, Okay the dog will have to sit here, not dash out the door, walk good on a leash, not challenge me, not dominate me, and not bully or push me around. Just because a breed of dog bites, or over populates, doesn't mean put them all to sleep and ban the breed. Say someone had 32 kids, and the parents died... The 32 kids had to go to an orphanage, and some kids have mental problems, and anger problems..what do we do? Put them all to sleep? Keep them locked up? No, try to get them better. Would the government ban parents for breeding, or owning children that could one day end up a thug, a murderer, a rapist etc.? No, they just say "raise it right and it will act right!". Than why cant it be the same with animals?! If an african american person shot somebody, it is not right to go around be skeptical of every african americans just because one shot somebody.

If a Caucasian person rapes someone, is it acceptable to go around being afraid of caucasions? No, the answer is NO. If racism and genocide is illegal, than why are we still doing it? Not necessarily to people, but to dog breeds. This needs to end, if it isent judging someone for body weight, color, sexual orientation or anything, its judging an animal for the breed it is.

BLAME THE OWNER, NOT THE ANIMAL. BLAME THE DRIVER, NOT THE CAR. BLAME THE SHOOTER, NOT THE GUN. BLAME THE PEOPLE, NOT THE WORLD This has been constantly making me and family and friends upset, euthanizing E.V.E.R.Y pit bull rescued. It upsets me, especially this latest case (link posted here---------->) http://www.lifewithdogs.tv/2012/06/nypd-breaks-up-brutal-bronx-dogfighting-ring/ will result in death for the dogs. This is my duty of being an advocate of the breed, to save these dogs... here is a link to my page on facebook, dedicated to the breed, please like share and post what ever you like... afraid of the breed? We will help you not be... have questions of anything? Feel free to ask us!

Thanks, the lives of those pit bulls and the pit bulls of tomorrow, are in our hands.

It is unfair to euthanize EVERY single pit bull type dog for scaring and/or being captured in a drug raid or pulled from the fighting ring, without even seeing whether or not the dog is capable of being rehabilitated.


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