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Elected Leaders in Berkeley, Charleston & Dorchester Counties
United States of America

For over 16 years, the SC Lowcountry has struggled to construct a transportation hub in North Charleston which would connect local bus service, intercity bus service (Greyhound & Southeastern Stages). Amtrak, taxis and other forms of ground transportation.

This hub would be linked to the Airport by shuttle bus. The project has suffered many setbacks due to problems with funding, the need to relocate due to railroad siding issues and creating a new plan to build a new station on the site of the existing, decrepit Amtrak Station. Our regional bus station on Dorchester Road is also an embarrassment.

Recently progress was made on building the new hub when the sale of the original planned location went under contract, freeing up funds for the project which was on a timeline to be finished within two and a half years.

As this complex project finalizes plans, many elements of the transit and political system must come together. This is necessary not only to complete this project, but to build a culture of community competence and achievement to support other major efforts ahead as regional gridlock and it’s high economic costs being to appear around the Lowcounty. Efforts like improving mobility in Peninsular Charleston and a regional, off road transit system connecting Summerville, Monks Corner, Goose Creek, North Charleston and Charleston will demand sustained citizen involvement.

This petition begins an effort to help focus political and government attention towards an alignment which escapes the limits of auto centric transportation planning, which naturally needs to begin with a functional North Charleston Hub.
Upon completion, this petition will be delivered to County Councils and other officials in Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester Counties.

Detailed information on the N. Charleston Intermodal Center Project can be found at: All Aboard for the Intermodal Center

We call upon the Lowcountry's elected leaders to support continued progress on the North Charleton Intermodal Passenger Transportation Center's planning and construction by acting to be sure adequate planning, funding and interagency coordiation are in place to keep this project on track to connect Amtrak, CARTA, intercity bus service and other transportation related services at the planned hub station before June 2017.

We further ask the delegation to work actively with CARTA and local Lowcountry governments towards the timely and successful completion of this important project.

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