#Animal Rights
Civil Police, North Limoeiro, Brazil

In Brazil, a man known to police as Antonio Medeiros beat his neighbor’s dog to death ‘for fun’ while his son videotaped it.

Ivone Maria, the dog’s owner reported the crime to local police and a horrid video has been released of the dog’s murder which has infuriated townspeople. The police have yet to arrest and charge Medeiros for this brutal crime.

We, the undersigned, urge that you arrest and charge Antonio Medeiros for the heinous and brutal killing of Ivone Maria's dog. Not only did Medeiros beat the dog to death while laughing, he had his son videotape the crime.

We, in the global community, are stunned to learn that the police in North Limoeiro, Brazil, have shown little interest in bringing this man to justice although they know who he is, and the citizens of their town are demanding it. This is truly an outrage.

Know that the rest of the world's eyes are on North Limoeiro and we are sickened and furious.

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