#Children's Rights

Currently the patients of Temple Street Children's Hospital do not have access to a paediatric urologist.

Many children are having their overall renal care neglected due to the fact that the HSE has not prioritised the appointment of a urologist despite promises to do so.

Our children and their parents should not need to fight for basic renal care.

UPDATE: February 2015

We, the parents of children with spina bifida In Ireland, regret that once again we have to share this petition and ask you to sign it. This petition was set up on 2012 to ask the government to appoint someone to the urologist position in Temple Street Children's Hospital. This has still not been done and our children are still suffering.

The kidney issues that our children suffer are preventable. Our children are mainly born with perfect kidneys, but the lack of appropriate care is causing huge problems for them, including kidney failure.

This needs to be addressed now before any more children suffer. Please sign our petition and discuss this issue with our local government representatives.

We, the undersigned, call on the HSE to make the appointment of a urologist to Temple Street Children's Hospital a top priority.

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