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Europe, North America

The Canadian musician and songwriter Leonard Cohen is currently enjoying a well-earned resurgence in popularity, selling out huge venues on his world tour. Long-time fans and admirers across the world however note with considerable dismay his decision to perform in Israel this September.

Mr Cohen has not toured or performed there since the eighties, so to choose to return now in the aftermath of one of the most brutal incursions into Gaza and the killing of hundreds of men, women and children seems to be extremely ill-judged. There is an organised cultural boycott of Israel in place already which many writers, performing artists and academics are supporting. We are asking Leonard Cohen to join them.

The following brief quotation from an article by an Israeli peace activist vividly and horrifyingly illustrates what happened to hundreds of children in the territory:

"The 400 Palestinian children who were burnt to death, or torn into pieces by Israel's recent onslaught on Gaza would never be able to hear your songs; nor could the hundreds of children who were maimed, injured and burnt by white phosphorous shells dropped by Israeli fighter planes (provided by the States) listen to your lyrics. They have been lying in hospital crying with agony with hardly any medicine to relieve their pain" 'From an Israeli Citizen to Leonard Cohen' Ruth Tenne - a member of Jews for Justice for Palestine. (Middle East Online)

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We the undersigned call on Leonard Cohen to cancel his proposed concert in Israel in acknowledgement of the distress caused by that country's violent incursion into the West Bank and Gaza, and its oppression of the Palestinian people.

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