#Human Rights
Irish Government Office of Taoiseach

Brian Cowen, Bertie Ahern and indeed Fianna Fail promised the people of Ireland, and the survivors of abuse; the sun, the moon and the stars! Kenneth & Patrick Doyle don’t want the sun, the moon or the stars; they want JUSTICE!!!

The office of An Taoiseach and the Midlands Health Board fails to find it within their remit to apologise for the horrendous and grave inadequacies of the health boards, put in place to protect people like Kenneth & Patrick, and deems it entirely unnecessary to provide assistance in the needs of victims; healthcare, medical care, and medication treatments!


Kenneth & Patrick Doyle were subjected to years of abuse, torture, and a lost childhood at the hands of a brutal sadistic mother. They do not expect an apology from her, as she runs rampant, clinging to her rosary beads acting like a God-fearing Christian. They do expect, however, that the State, which was supposed to protect them from abuse has let them down terribly. The Midland Health Board did nothing to intervene and protect Patrick & Kenneth. Today, they both have issues from their past haunting them, physical and emotional damage has been done. But in very simplistic terms, a great relief and sense of healing could be given to Patrick & Kenneth, if only the Irish Government made a Public (unconditioned) Apology.

Neither Patrick or Kenneth want money from the State, money cannot right the wrongs done to them either by their mothers actions or the States inactions. The State must be made apologize for its grave error in the Doyle case. Taoiseach Bertie Ahern made promises to the victims of abuse, he did not honor his promises. Brian Cowen has went out of his way to further complicate justice for the Doyles, the people of Ireland have seen first hand how Brian Cowen complicates issues given the state of Ireland today.

We hope An Taoiseach Enda Kenny will honour his pledges to the people of Ireland especially victims of abuse.

We, the undersigned, demand a public and unconditional apology from Taoiseach Enda Kenny and the Midlands Health Board - for Kenneth & Patrick Doyle; due the abuse they suffered, which resulted in no action on the part of the Midlands Health Board.

A private apology will not suffice, we want the Government to admit to themselves, the Doyle brothers and indeed to the people of Ireland at home and abroad, that they failed Kenneth & Patrick Doyle.

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