Governor of the State of Hawaii and TMT.

Even though TMT says that some good will come out of this, I disagree. It's stated that TMT will support the local economy by providing funds from the project. But, the fact that a bunch of equipment will be rooted into our mountain tops is what has a big adverse effect.

Once you damage the aina with holes and equipment, it takes twice as long to heal. On another site, it stated that the equipment they will be building is not permanent, and neither is the equipment already built there. But... Exactly how old is that equipment... How long has it already been up there? When is it coming down? I'm sure not anytime soon.... They are trying to tell is what we want to hear, not reality.

TMT, you may think your not going to cause any harm by building and later removing the buildings.... But once you destroy our native land... It can only heal itself... Not rebuild itself.

We urge you to find other places to build your telescopes. This isn't healthy for our aina OR our culture.

We, the people of Hawaii, urge TMT and its affiliates to desist building equipment on top our majestic Mauna's and respect the land and culture of the Hawaiian people.

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