#Animal Welfare
Senator Voinovich
United States of America

The following concerns can only be addressed with a face-to-face meeting with Senator Voinovich due to the fact that he is not current with the situation of the horse slaughter industry.

We are prepared to address the following issues:
A. Unwanted Horses
B. Slippery Slope
C. Negative financial impact claims when a horse slaughter ban be enacted.

We are a grass roots effort whose cause is to stop the slaughter of horses for human consumption and the exportation of horses for slaughter. Our request for a meeting with Senator Voinovich was denied on January 25, 2008.

We, the undersigned herein, request that Senator Voinovich grant a meeting on behalf of the citizens of Ohio to address the following concerns:

THAT: Horse slaughter is not humane. Each year an estimated 90,000 horses are slaughtered and processed for human consumption.

THAT: The cruelty of horse slaughter is not limited to the act of killing the animals but extends to the transportation for long distances without adequate water or rest in double-decker trailers that put the general public at risk from tragic trailer accidents.

THAT: Transportation of equines to Canada and Mexico make our currently porous borders even more at risk.

THAT: Horse owners, not the government, will remain responsible for the care of their horses and that responsible owners already use veterinarian assisted euthanasia.

We your constituents, respectfully request that you grant a meeting.

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