#Animal Welfare
United Kingdom

The dog in the picture was snatched from the streets by sick thugs.

It’s muzzle was bound so tightly with twine it could barely breathe let alone whimper.

Then callously forced into a sack she was tossed onto a pile of other terrified dogs ready to be butchered for meat.

She was one of the lucky ones because a team of police and volunteers intercepted the shipment and seized her and the other poor dogs.

We urgently need your help in our campaign to free dogs like her from the clutches of this heartless and illegal trade committed by criminals in Thurrock.

We demand severe punishment for anybody who abuses animals in any way.

It makes us sick to the stomach with the problem we have with animal torturers. These people are complete and utter cowards. They pick on defenceless animals because they know they can't fight back, it's disgusting and we feel ashamed to live in a society where animals can be treated this way.

We the undersigned deplore any cruelty to animals and wish to see their welfare protected.

We would like to see that the culprits of such crimes get the same punishment as they would if their victims were

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