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Cafekkos in America, An Cafe
United States of America

An Cafe made it to North American shores when they went to A-Kon 18 in Texas. Why not have them come all over North America so we can show them support?

If we can get their attention by getting many, many signatures, maybe they will make plans for a tour in America, or maybe even make a tour out of going to Anime Conventions.

We may never know, but it's worth a try, isn't it? Sign, support & spread this petition & let's see if we can get An Cafe back to America!

For our friends in South America, please sign this petition here.

If you'd also like to be apart of An Cafe fans in America, join Nyappy Nation USA on MySpace.com

We, The Undersigned, would like to see the Japanese rock band Antic Cafe perform in North America.

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