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New York City Residents
United States of America

The New York City Parks & Recreations Department is leading the way in discussing new initiatives and enacting new lesgislation that protects the health and safety of our communities by limiting the amount of hazardous materials used in construction of playgrounds, recreation areas, sports fields and landscaping.

Synthetic turf surfaces that use crumb rubber infill will no longer be installed, and current installations are under pressure to replace or remove their infill materials.

Finding a suitable alternative infill to maintain the quality, safety and performance of these fields has become an important issue for New York City residents including city officials, architects, engineers, coaches, parents and athletes.

I have reviewed the information presented at the Geo Safe Play website www.geosafeplay.com regarding their lead-free synthetic turf and organic infill systems, and have discovered that both products are 100% environmentally friendly and significantly safer for athletes and children.

Therefore, I wish to express my support to elected officials in the city of New York take who will give serious consideration to this proven and guaranteed alternative system that is already utilized by professional stadiums, installed in over 70 countries worldwide, and currently scheduled to be installed locally on Bertino Field at the Riverdale Country School Hill Campus, Riverdale, NY.

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