#Animal Rights
CCAC (22 organizations make up the council)

The Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC) is a committee that investigates the care and use of experimental animals in Canada. They have published two volumes of guidelines outlining the use and care of animals in research. These guidelines are standard at most academic, government and commercial research institutions.

The CCAC has not updated these guidelines since 1993. New science brings new techniques, and new opportunities with the potential to minimize pain and invasiveness. Without updating the guidelines scientists are not obligated to adopt these new humane procedures; they may still perform outdated and potentially inhumane procedures. The CCAC guidelines should be updated as often as possible. The CCAC is in place to care for and protect the animals used in research. Updating procedures and guidelines is a critical part of this process.

By signing this petition you support the demand for the CCAC to revise their guidelines and to actively protect the animals being used for research.

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