#Animal Welfare
Federal Government
United States of America

Almost 2 million pets are stolen every year, its time to classify pet theft as a specific crime, rather than just personal property like a TV.. We need To Ensure that monetary value is irrelevant for the categorization of animal theft crime for sentencing guidelines. and the courts must consider the fear, alarm or distress to the pet and owners both and not just monetary value.. To the owners there is no price high enough for these members of the family

Under the current laws in most states animal companions are legally regarded as inanimate objects when stolen. The same level as a pack of gum or a stolen cell phone and come under theft offences such as burglary or theft from a person. Sentencing is dependent on the monetary value of the stolen animal . This needs to be changed. Animals have very unique personalities which is why they can be so easy to fall in love with. They feel love, hurt, fear, lonely, maybe not all in the same ways humans do but they do 'feel'

A strong deterrent is needed. This would ensure upon conviction, a felony, fines, and possible jail time

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