Gujarati Association Wolverhampton
United Kingdom

The Gujarati Association charity trustees were receiving payments, there was conflicts of interest, lack of transparency, etc.
After spending much time, effort and money for over 18 months, we finally reported the charity to the Commissioners. The Commision agreed with us and gave the charity an Action Plan to bring the charity into compliance. The Action Plan also included dealing with dispute via mediation.

Four out of six whistle-blower trustees had their trustee status removed/membership terminated with fabricated allegations without any evidence being produced. When these four trustees sent email requesting mediation, as had been suggested in the Action Plan, they received letters from president giving the four whistle-blowers a ban from the charity premises.

The whistle-blowers have been banned without any reason and are being ostracised from the community by the charity trustees.

The bullying, harassment, victimisation and ostracisation of the whistle-blower trustees is self-evident. A chartered Surveyor, Director of property maintenance company, Insurance agents, Employees of Wolverhampton Council and Sandwell Council have been instrumental in the bias, unjust and unfair decisions of the charity committee.

We the undersigned, call on the 'Gujarati Association Wolverhampton' charity Committee to allow whistleblowers/members to enter charity premises including community and prayer halls and for the committee to explain the disregard of human rights of the whistleblowers to be heard.

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