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Youth Justice System-Home Office
United Kingdom

Very few of us out here are bad parents despite what is said. I personally feel i may have been inadequate at times and lacked the knowledge i needed, but i also know i have spent years crying out for help, like so many others , it as a cry for help that was seldom heard, meaning the help and support just never came,

With this in mind why is it that our kids are locked up and taken away by a huge team of people, almost like an enemy all supporting the other, you have to see him behind a glass screen, finally able to look you in your eyes, but the look he gives you is a scared child look, their eyes red from crying, and you can almost see his heart beating,

The cuffs get slapped on and someone takes them away, slowly they walk looking back, trying to let you know what they feel in the last blink of their eye, you then have to leave court, it’s the hardest walk to make, that constant feeling that you have left something behind,

Why then are we not allowed to see our child to offer and hug or words of wisdom, when we all know that a little love can go a long way....instead we are forced to leave the building and wait for days to find out how they are.

That young person by this stage must be hungering for some reassurance, companionship and love, but when a parent is unable to provide it, they walk straight into the groomer who sees a vulnerability, the great person who will take them under the wing ....

We need to fight for the right to spend a short time with our kids before they are sent away, courts should work with us, institutions should consult us about what we feel i child needs while in their care....

It is vital that parents get the support they need and are involved in decision making about the child, especially given that in the main they will be the people left to cope when the child returns to the community.

Allow us to see our children after court and before custody.

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