#Human Rights
WHO and UN
United States of America

Dear Sir or Madam,

Taiwanese reserve rights to join WHO, which basic human rights of world must be equally treatment, please do not shut the door, but open the door for all people of the world opportunities to share the duties and benefits. Please do not mistreat 23 million citizens of innocent Taiwanese, do not listen to China dictatorship as devil of predatory intended to aggress or swallow "Ihla Formosa" Island by twist facts of Taiwan with communist myth maker.

Please visit website at: www.taiwandc.org and click from Taiwan communiqué or www.taiwannation.com.tw or http://cta.yam.org.tw or http://www.arnie.net to learn true history of Taiwan.

Please also forward the messages to other so they have opportunity to learn true history about Formosa Island. I hope the leaders of world nations should tell their people and children to learn the true history of nations and people, but avoid the one twist facts by other such as Chinese politic dark schemes and tricks of shameful conduct, which is mockery with the people and mislead the children of others to go astray.

The people of world nations must stop dictators continue guide with perjury to fabricate a false statement. Your cooperating is important.

Than You.

We, the undersigned, petition WHO members of the United Nations to allow Taiwan to join WHO.

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