The Government and everyone who banned smoking at colleges!!
United States of America

I have recently found out that by September 2007 that smoking will no longer be allowed on the Palo Alto College Campus in San Antonio, Texas.

I find it to be unfair to those of us who smoke because college is about having freedom and as it is we hardly have freedom in America anymore. There is so many students and professors that smoke on campus after their classes, which because of this new rule, it is going to cause many conflicts.

I've already heard of people leaving the school and quitting there because of this policy. As being adults, we have the right to smoke cigarettes on campus as we do any where else. How is an individual ever suppose to figure themselves out if everything keeps getting taken away from us and we're not able to express who we are? This isn't right and what kind of freedom is this?

As we're all coming to learn, that soon smoking will be banned on Palo Alto College campus and we'll be given tickets if we're caught smoking on campus or even in our cars in the parking lot. They are taking away our freedom and our rights as an individual of who we all are!!

We are attending a Public college and we are adults!! They are slowly taking away everything from us and what's next...wearing uniforms at a college? Us smokers didn't even have the right to say how we feel about the situation before it was made for us! If some were abusing the rights of smoking by for instance throwing their cigarette buds on the ground or not smoking near the ash trays they could have at least gave us a warning, so we'd have a chance to make sure that rule was obeyed instead of not hearing us out.

If you agree with me and believe that cigarettes shouldn't be banned from our public college then please help me out by signing this.

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