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The Minister of Arts & Culture, South Africa, Mr Mashatile

The sculptors of the enormous Mandela statue now positioned at Union Buildings, South Africa, were not allowed, by our commissioning govt, to sign their work.

So they very, very thoughtfully placed a wonderfully worked tiny rabbit into Madiba's left ear - so small that if you aren't also 8 metres tall, or sitting on his shoulder, you will never know it's there.

Now Govt is angry at the artists and want it out?!
I say SAVE Madiba's Rabbit!
I also say, Let the two artists sign their work, officially and properly!

We, the undersigned, call on the South African Minister of Arts & Culture, Mr Mashatile, to desist in the pursuit of removal, and rather to KEEP and SAVE Mandela's wonderful tiny little Rabbit. This Rabbit symbolically allows Madiba to go on hearing all the Rabbit's wonderful tales about Africa.

We welcome this delightful enhancement to the full- and well-being of the Madiba statue.

Mr Minister, SAVE the Rabbit, and allow the artists to professionally sign the great statue.

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