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Immigration & Members of Parliament

Daniel Hernandez is a unique individual. He came to Canada from Columbia for a better life.

He got a job, participated in his church and made a good life for himself here. He also just got married.

He was given the chance for a better life by being allowed to enter this country and it is a crime to take this opportunity away from him.

Daniel Hernandez came to Canada in search of a better life and that is exactly what he found. He is a bright, hardworking young man with a lot to offer. Daniel has made Canada his home and has made many friends here.

He has become a valued and respected member of his community. Daniel has come to mean a lot to those of us who know him and now he is being deported back to Columbia on February 1, 2011.

Daniel has built a life and home for himself here in Canada and he belongs here. He deserves the opportunity to continue his life here in the country that he has adopted and the country that has adopted him.

We, the undersigned, ask the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada to do the right thing, the just thing and allow Daniel Hernandez to come back to his home here in London, Ontario, where he belongs.

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