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1. Pétition pour sauver l'émission "Carrefour de l'Europe" de Daniel Desesquelle sur RFI

Carrefour de l’Europe, l’émission européenne de débat et de découverte est menacée de disparition.

Carrefour de l’Europe n’apparait plus dans la nouvelle grille de RFI qui sera mise en place fin mai / début juin.

N.B. Nous avons choisi ce site anglophone pour sa souplesse d'utilisation mais vous pouvez bien sûr remplir les champs en français (First Name: Prénom, Last Name: Nom de famille).

Si vous ne parvenez pas à signer en ligne, vous pouvez nous écrire à l'adresse suivante :, en indiquant nom, prénom, pays, qualité et commentaires éventuels"

2. Induct The Crippler into the WWE Hall of Fame

Former WWE Grand Slam Champion Chris Benoit is being unfairly victimised by WWE. After a 20+ career in wrestling they are refusing him entry into the WWE Hall of Fame due to a volatile home life.

Get justice for The Crippler, Daniel & Nancy would want this

3. Reinstate the Ambergate Street memorial for Daniel Duke

Daniel Duke was shot and killed on 3rd November 2009. A memorial was erected in his memory in Ambergate Street where he fell. It was removed within days of being put up and we would like it reinstated, so we can pay our respects.

This petition will be sent to our local Member of Parliament. Thank you Family and Friends of Daniel (Mimer) Duke.

4. Allow Daniel Hernandez to come back to his home in London, Ontario

Daniel Hernandez is a unique individual. He came to Canada from Columbia for a better life.

He got a job, participated in his church and made a good life for himself here. He also just got married.

He was given the chance for a better life by being allowed to enter this country and it is a crime to take this opportunity away from him.

5. On Anti-Semitism, Boycotts, and the Case of Hermann Dierkes

The open letter below was publicly issued by the 371 peace activists of Jewish background listed directly underneath the letter. The names were obtained after circulating the letter for only a week, and many additional peace activists of Jewish background have asked to add their names and so we are posting this statement online and invite further signatories. Contact us at

6. Delusional's should be Crucio'd

D/Elusionals have got no idea. Rupert and Emma are R/Eal. I R/Epeat. It's Rupert Grint and Emma Watson. D/Elusionals are just some Harmony shippers...YUCK

7. Emma, Dan und Rupert zu "Wetten, dass...??"

Tjaja, ich hab mich mal entschlossen, diese Petition aufzumachen, damit wir hier alle Namen zusammentragen und darüber hinaus auch vllt noch andere Leute für unser Projekt begeistern können. Als "Related Website" hab ich mal den genauen Link zum Thread genommen.

8. Give Daniel Belle a record deal!

daniel belle is a hot guy that has a extreamly good voice and many people love him so why not give him a record deal?

all i want is his music!


Daniel Belle is a great asset to the Australian Music Industry and his early exit from Australian Idol was a bad mistake however he still deserves a record deal.

10. "Happy Birthday to You....." 24th B-day for Dan

Hi Daniel, everyone from the message boards would like to wish you a happy birthday!!....Our messages are below....


Ok guys...
lets see of this petition thing works... just write you name and a message for Daniel Johns. Nothing over the top, and don't make it WAY TOO LONG cause we have to fit them all onto a card!

Thanks a lot for you contribution guys! :)

12. Save Daniel Jackson in the 'Stagate SG-1' television series.

A petition to keep Daniel Jackson on 'Stargate SG-1'.

We are circulating this petition to express our considered opinion to both MGM and Michael Shanks that the character of Daniel Jackson should be retained in the 'Stagate SG-1' television series. If you are a fan of Michael Shanks and would like to see him stay with the series, please sign our petition!