#Civil Rights
Joey Granati and THE CHURCH OF ROCK.
United States of America

CRISTINELLA has been "banned" from attending The Church of Rock at Charlie Murdoch's Dueling Piano Bar on 3 occasions. The reasons for being "banned" have not fully been explained, and are irrational, considering that CRISTINELLA has positively promoted CHARLIE MURDOCH'S DUELING PIANO BAR for the past year.

JOEY GRANATI once revealed to CRISTINELLA that he planned on using the younger generation to generate publicity for himself as an entertainer. CRISTINELLA admires and reveres JOEY GRANATI, yet is cruelly punished for being CRISTINELLA.

As a professional entertainer, it is CRISTINELLA's right to seek solace in the live music. "BANNING" must stop. Music heals. Allow CRISTINELLA to heal through music at her favorite live music venue in Pittsburgh, PA.

We, the friends of CRISTINELLA, call upon THE CHURCH OF ROCK to allow CRISTINELLA to experience the magic and wonder of live music, via dueling pianos at Charlie Murdoch's Dueling Piano Bar, without fear of being "banned."

CRISTINELLA has promoted dueling pianos, especially CHARLIE MURDOCH'S @ 1005 East Carson Street in Pittsburgh, PA for the past year. GIVE THE GIRL SOME CREDIT.

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