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Although a dialect to us, Cantonese is the principle language of Hong Kong with 87% of the population speaking the language. If we can allow Hokkien language to be aired on television, why can we not allow a film with Cantonese language to be screened in the cinemas if its original recording is in Cantonese?

Its like asking us to watch Korean/Japanese/French and other countries' films dubbed in Mandarin. It sounds horrible, emotionless and discriminates against the language.

I understand that historically, we wanted to unite the different races and therefore discourage use of the language. This has caused many youths today to not know the language. The old reminisce about it and those who understands and appreciates the language have to cross the border to enjoy movies in the original Cantonese language.

I hope you can consider allowing movies from Hong Kong with the original cantonese language to be broadcasted in theatres in Cantonese.

We, the undersigned, call on IMDA to allow Cantonese movies to be released in theatres in their original language and not to be dubbed into Mandarin for release.

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