#Neighborhood Living
Arthur Street Condominium owners
United States of America

As it stands, the Arthur Street Condominium owners must ask permission by way of a vote by the trust in order to own a dog. So far, they have voted against dog ownership for the reasons listed: potential noisy or vicious dogs, messes left behind by dogs, and neighbors who dislike dogs.

As responsible homeowners and neighbors within the Arthur Street condominium community we are asking that there is guidelines created to allow for dog ownership wihin our community. These can include limitation in size of dog, proximity of dog walking and mandatory clean-up, as well as preclusions made for the removal of any dog that is seen as dangerous.

We feel that any responsible homeowner should not be begrudged the opportunity of owning a dog because of a select number of people and their views on the matter.

We, the undersigned, call on the Arthur Street Condominium Trust to allow the home owners of the Arthur Street condiminiums to aquire a dog as a companion.

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