#Children's Rights
Sweden Government, Red Cross

Bita is six years old from Iran, and when she was two years old moved to Sweden with her parents. Her parents divorced because of a lack of understanding, then her father sent to a faraway location by the Sweden immigration, and although Bita had perfect emotional attachment to her father, she has been far from her father.

Her father sought help to see her from the department of social services in the city where Bita lived. Bita could see her father just 4 hours per month in the one place that it was determined by the department social services.

The court gave Bita's custody to her mother because her father didn't have a resident permit in Sweden, and the immigration office is trying to return her father to Iran while they know that he is facing the risk of torture and even death in Iran. And now Bita is 6 years old and she is in risk of losing her father forever.

Every child has the right to having their parents present.

We hope that one day no child is deprived of a father and mother, and all the children in the world live in peace and have a life without violence.

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