the Government and the President of Russia, Administration of Krasnodar Territory

The environmental movement and Ecological Watch on North Caucasus (EWNC), «Alive Utrish», Greenpeace of Russia, WWF of Russia and the International Socio-Ecological Union collect electronic signatures under the open Internet reference to the President of Russia, the Government of the Russian Federation, and the heads of Administration of Krasnodar Territory and the cities of Anapa, Novorossiysk and Gelendzhik about taking effective measures on preservation of the unique natural complexes of subtropical Mediterranean-type forests, located at the Black Sea coast of Russia, including the prohibition of any construction in the territory of these natural systems and the earliest performance of the order of the Government of the Russian Federation № 725-r about the creation of the reserve «Utrish».

Utrish is:

- the only typical Eastern Mediterranean landscape at the Black sea cost, which preserved well,

- the habitat of more than 60 species of plants and animals listed in the Red Book of Russia, for many of which it is the only habitat in the territory of our country,

- the seat of growth of relic trees aged up to 600 years,

- the last well-preserved, thanks to its remoteness from major settlements and highways, corner of nature at the Russian Black Sea coast in the extent about 12 km.

In December 2008, in violation of Russian legislation, the construction of a road through the reserve to the Black Sea coast began, destroying on the way the relic juniper, pistachio and other trees. The part of the coast is leased and it is planned to start construction on it. It will destroy the eco-system of Big Utrish and will make impossible the performance of the governmental order of the Russian Federation about creating a reserve in this territory.

Only owing to efforts of ecologists who have organized in Utrish a camp of public resistance and have blocked the way for the machines, the construction of the road has been stopped. However Utrish is still in danger and the constructors can return at any moment. Your voice can help to save its nature.

We, the undersigned, call upon to the authorities of the Russian Federation to take immediately effective measures for preservation of unique natural complexes of subtropical forests of the Mediterranean type located on Utrish, Abrausskij Peninsula and Markoth Ridge and give to this territory the security status of reserve.

We demand immediately to make the decisions and the orders necessary for:

- cessation of the construction and design of any facilities in the territory of a planned nature reserve “Utrish”,

- compensation of the damage put by illegal construction and restoration of natural complexes destroyed in its result, including recultivation of the broken soil layer and landing of trees;

- cancellation of contracts of rent of wood fund located on the grounds which are a part of designed reserve, and immediate reservation of these grounds with a view of creating reserve "Utrish",

- creations of reserve “Utrish” in time, stipulated by the Order of the Government of the Russian Federation №725-r

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