#Human Rights
United States of America

Billions and billions of U.S. money is sent every year to foreign countries.

Let's temporarily suspend a percentage of foreign aid and concentrate for a while on helping the poorest regions of the United States get a leg up.

We, the undersigned, are asking the United States government to temporarily refrain from renewing any contracts with foreign countries to provide aid. Or at the very minimum take a percentage of the money we give in foreign aid and use it for the poor in the United States.

Please use the money to help the poorest parts of the United States become self sufficient and prosper.

The following list is just an example of a few places in America that can use some help: South Dakota, parts of Texas, North Dakota, Appalachian region, parts of Kentuky, Detroit, et al.

Many parts of this great country could use a little help in the areas of : affordable housing, community health centers, drug and alcohol programs, better schools, fighting crime and guidance in making their towns and cities grow and prosper.

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