#Roads & Transport
Chatham-Kent Transit

The "new rules" state...
-no food
-no drinks (including baby bottles)
-no cell phones
-no mp3 players
-all riders with children in strollers must take the kids out of the strollers and fold the strollers up BEFORE getting on the bus.

Does this seem reasonable let alone safe? Not only is the concept of carrying a child AND a stroller on and off the bus inconceivable but you can't even give your baby a bottle but there's also no carseats or seatbelts for the kids.

We, the undersigned, are petitioning to have these rules revised. We feel that these rules are unjust and unsafe.

We believe that children are safer in their buggies and strongly agree that carseats or seatbelts should be provided on city busses if these rules are to be adhered by.

We also express our disgust that we can not feed our young children when they need to be fed. Why is it ok to deny them this necessity? We have earned the right to breastfeed babies in public so why should a bottle for a hungry child be any different?

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